Monday, December 5, 2016

Easy as 1,2,3...

If stainless steel hardware is the way to go on maintenance free fencing, why should I use Modern Fence Technologies accessories?

1.  Innovative design vs. Copies
Copies are never as good as the original. An original design may be
improved, but taking someone else's design and copying it, while   cutting corners to save a few pennies never delivers the value promised.

2.  American manufactured vs. Imported or "packaged/assembled in U.S."

American made products support the U.S. economy. They are subject to strict environmental and labor laws that imports don't necessarily adhere to. Responsible manufacturers in the U.S. provide manufacturer's liability coverage, in the event of the unthinkable, while an import is not covered for defect or damages.

3.  Cost of ownership

        American made stainless steel gate hardware has never been more   affordable to purchase.  Add to that the lifetime warranty offered by Modern Fence Technologies on all hardware we make, and the savings realized by eliminating service calls.  Modern Fence customers are actually paying less for American made hardware in many cases, and because it is American made, are selling their fence jobs at better margins, than many who are convinced that 'imports are cheaper'.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Stainless Steel Hardware, For the Life of Your Fence

The choices made when putting up a fence can have long term consequences. Selecting the right materials and the right installation contractor may help determine whether the fence you buy today is a long term investment, or a long term headache. There are many low-to-no maintenance fence materials and styles available these days, with the most popular being Vinyl and Aluminum.

Both have advantages over wood when it comes to longevity, if they are installed correctly, and if your contractor chooses accessories that are designed to last. While aluminum does not “rust”, it does corrode. Most notably, aluminum will rapidly break down in the presence of steel, especially if there is moisture present. This is due to electrolysis, caused by dissimilar metals. The same is true of PVC/Vinyl fencing. Sodium chloride, or common salt, is a major component of PVC fencing. The gases that form in and around vinyl fencing are very corrosive to steel, especially in the presence of moisture.

Many installers choose plastic composite gate accessories to avoid this corrosion. While this prevents corrosion, it does not necessarily lead to longer service life for your fence. Plastics are extremely susceptible to ultraviolet light. The same sun that can give you a sunburn or even skin cancer will drastically reduce the lifespan of most plastics.

Our solution? 100% American made stainless steel hardware for your hinges, latches, drop rods, and even handles. Not only will they last for the lifetime of your fence, they are often less costly to buy and install in the first place. Don't believe me?

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Don't get Scr***d Buying Screws

Sometimes, it's the little things...

We pride ourselves on offering unique and quality driven products.  Even the screws we include with our hardware are American made.  Not only that, they are coated completely, avoiding the bare threads of one screw rubbing against the painted head of another during transport, causing scratches and chips that mar the beauty of your finished work.

We go the extra steps of buying American made screws, having them custom coated to our specifications, then we count and bag them in shrink tight bags to prevent them rolling around damaging the hardware in its package.

You work hard to provide a quality experience for your customer.  So do we.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Stainless Steel Hinges vs. Mild Steel Hinges

 Every Modern Fence Technologies hinge shares common DNA. Our adjustable T-Rod system uses 100% stainless steel for every component. The threaded stud, the pivot tube, the nuts, the clevis pin and retainer, and even the spacer are all stainless steel. On every hinge. Even the ones marked “mild steel” or “combo”.

  When we make a mild steel hinge for use with steel, iron or wood fencing, the only parts that change in comparison to our “stainless steel” hinge will be the brackets that attach to the post and to the gate. Compare that with common imported hinges and you'll find that in every way, Modern Fence Technologies' hinges are a better hinge, and a better value.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Short Term Gain, or Long Term Success?

Too often we hear the complaint that big companies are putting little companies out of business.  It happens.  With the economies of scale that larger companies can harness, they can often get favorable pricing on their goods, and sell them at a lower price than smaller competitors can, making just enough off of volume to keep going.

That works fine with commodities, items that are identical no matter who makes them.  Most people don't care what company made the table salt they buy for their kitchen, so whoever can get it to them for the lowest price usually wins the battle.  Morton's has won the battle over much of the rest of the market precisely because they are the largest. They have lower unit costs because they have driven the volume up so high.

What's this got to do with fence?  Morton didn't copy someone else's formula for table salt, they simply came up with efficient ways to obtain it, process it, package it and deliver it.  Anyone can mine salt, grind it up, and put it in a box. (I know it is much more involved, humor me, it's beside the point.) Their success is predicated on having a huge footprint in the industry, and it works for them.

What about products that are not commodities, but are unique and innovative?  There are two ways to beat an innovator.  One, you can simply come up with more and better ideas to make oneself more competitive.  The second is by nature anti-competitive and ultimately prevents innovation.  One can obtain a temporary competitive advantage by copying a competitors design, then, by flooding the market with cheaper imitations, drive the competitor out of business, using a cheapened version of his own idea.

This is always temporary because, in the end, the consumer is disappointed in the quality and performance of the product and either switches to the next innovator's product, or switches to the next rip off because it is cheaper.  It is not a sustainable business model.  It destroys true innovation, and it destroys the businesses and lives of the kinds of people who make this country great.  In exchange for temporarily lining the pockets of investors, companies that capitalize on taking the businesses of others rather than innovating new and better products are destroying industry, not building it.  That's not 'the American Way'.