Thursday, September 8, 2016

As If You Needed Another Reason to Buy American


The inevitable rate increases caused by the failure of Hanjin containerized shipping from Asia to the U.S. are about to hit...Just in time for Christmas shoppers and businesses utilizing their capital before years' end.  You can add price increases due to product shortages to the higher transport cost.

See here for more details.

  Don't get caught paying for someone else's mistakes.  Buy American, get better quality, lower cost of ownership, and better service.  You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hard(ware) to Get


Hanjin Shipping, a major player in the importation of goods from China has filed for bankruptcy.  This means that if you regularly buy products imported from China, you may find yourself waiting much longer than you expected.

  Hanjin has gone into receivership, and their ships and containers may have to wait to be off-loaded until settlements have been made. (For details click here)

  Don't wait for the mess to get better.  We have superior quality American made hardware, at excellent pricing, on the shelf and ready to ship.  With warehouses in the Midwest and on the West Coast, we are within 3-4 day delivery for UPS packages, anywhere in the continental U.S., with orders in California usually arriving next day.

  Call Modern Fence Technologies today for fast, knowledgeable, friendly service, and top quality American made solutions for the professional fence installer at excellent prices.

West Coast: 888-613-8146
Midwest and East Coast: 888-456-6786

Friday, August 5, 2016

Specifiers are always right...until they're not.

Most commonly, when you see a specification for hinges, you will see that gate manufacturers offer 180 degree opening hinges, and you will see that they almost always call out a minimum weight rating for the hinge.

The number they give is almost never going to be accurate.  Why? Because that number does not take into consideration the differing loads that gates of different proportions place on the hinge system. Consider a gate that is six feet by ten feet.  Hung horizontally, that gate will put much higher stress on the hinge system and post than if the same gate were hung vertically.

This is because the gate acts as a lever, with the fulcrum at some point between the bottom hinge and the point where the post enters the ground.  The longer the lever, the more stress a given weight will create in the system.  That stress is what causes most hinges to fail.

At Modern Fence Technologies we have made the effort to determine the actual load bearing capacity of our hinges, taking into account the proportions of your gate, as well as its weight.  Using our handy Proportional Load Charts is an easy way to make sure that the hinge you buy will support the gate you are hanging, and that you won't pay for more hinge than is necessary.

We offer American made hinges that open 180 degrees, are adjustable, fit on any combination of round or square post or gate members, have 100% stainless steel moving parts, and, when selected using our Proportional Load Charts, will offer a lifetime of service.

Most gate builders are experts at building gates, but when it comes to hanging gates, we are the experts.  Call your MFT service rep at (888) 456-6786, or, on the West Coast, call (888) 613-8146.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quality Products + Quality Service = Satisfied Customers

It happens on a regular basis. The phone rings and an anxious homeowner asks what we will do about a broken gate hinge. I just dealt with a customer whose gate fell off because the hinge broke. He told me what size it was, and I shipped him a replacement, at no charge, asking only that he return the broken hinge to me so I can examine what went wrong. We do this so we can see how we can make our hinges better.

I got his old hinge back today. I was excited to see what had gone wrong. Whenever I get one of our hinges back damaged, it is because an unsecured gate has been forced back the wrong way through the opening, which bends the hinge against the gate post. A simple gate stop will prevent that, but even when contractors neglect to install a proper gate stop, we warrant our hinges. Forever.  (And we stress to our contractors how important a gate stop is!)

When I opened the box, this is what was inside:

This hinge wasn't broken by abuse. It wasn't forced backward through the opening. It fell apart under normal use because it is junk.  I don't know who made it, and quite frankly, don't care.

When people ask me why they should buy an American made Modern Fence Technologies hinge, this is why. That hinge was installed eight years ago. It broke because it was made of inferior quality materials, using an inferior design, and improper construction techniques. The contractor saved at most five or ten dollars per set of hinges on a fence job that cost the homeowner thousands. Do you think the customer would have paid a little more to avoid the hassle?  Do you think he's ready to give a referral to his friends for the contractor who sold him that?

Here is a picture of the hinge I sent him, of course, I sent him a white one:

Instead of buying poorly made inferior hardware and risking angry customers, contractors who use MFT hardware sometimes pay a little more, (and sometimes a little less), use American made, high quality hinges, charge their customers accordingly, and walk away with better profit, and more satisfied customers.

If you are ready to sell quality, American made gate hardware, make more money, and have more satisfied customers, call Modern Fence Technologies today.