Friday, April 28, 2017

We've Been Ready for the Unicorn Backlash All Along...

We've been ready for the unicorn backlash all along...

An ice cream parlor in Los Angeles is offering an antidote to rainbows and unicorns to answer Starbuck's. They thought it would be original to offer their product in pure, rich black.

News flash! 

 Modern Fence Technologies has been offering up the very best American made gate hardware in black for literally decades! And for the less adventurous vanilla crowd, we also offer our stainless steel hardware in white.

Call your MFT rep today for the best in American made gate hardware!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Unicorns and Rainbows and Insane Profits on Fads!

Apparently the coolest thing in the world right now is unicorns. In honor of our friends at Starbuck's, we too are launching a unicorn(ish) hinge. 

(Yeah, I know, that's not a horn, it's an ear, and even if it was a horn, there's two of them, so this would technically be a “Bicorn”, which is even cooler, 'cuz if one horn is good, two's gotta be better, right?)

Like Starbuck's our goal is to entice our customers, who usually buy our other stuff, (just not as much of it as we'd like, to be honest), to buy our groovy horse head hinges, because, hey, they're groovy. And kinda unicorny.

Also like our friendly coffee purveyors of lefty-left coast fame, we intend to offer them at a “Special Price”*, for a “Limited Time”**. We'll even customize them with up to three colors of temporary glitter for an additional $10/set.

Call Modern Fence Technologies quick, while supplies last! (Our staff will  be happy to show you all the REAL savings to be had using genuine American made hardware and caps)

    * “Special Price” = 20% over list  (Because it's cool, and special!)
    ** “Limited Time” = Until we run out of them, or Mark and Marge find out we're doing this, whichever comes first!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Word For Today...


I heard a new word while watching a YouTube tear down review of a power tool, (the channel is AvE, if you want to check it out, he's informative and entertaining). The reviewer was referring to the low quality material used in a critical part in the tool he was dismantling as 


Of course, I knew right away what he meant from the context of the comment, but I wanted to know what the rest of the world, (at least the English speaking world) thinks “Chinesium” means.

  So I did what every proper scholar does. I Googled it. The Urban Dictionary catches, what I believe to be, the true essence of everything Chinesium is, and what you can't get from Modern Fence Technologies.

An element not found on the periodic table. A crappy metal or plastic substance made in China in the manufacture of ALL Chinese exports.
The only stuff under the Christmas tree this year is Chinesium crap.

Sadly, much Chinesium is shipped into the U.S. specifically because American consumers think they can game the system by paying less for a product, while expecting it to perform and last like something made well and priced accordingly.

Our landfills swell, and our bank accounts shrink, as we buy replacement after replacement...

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Tale of Two Dumpster Gates

A Tale of Two Dumpster Gates

The photos below are of enclosures at two restaurants in neighboring towns about 10-15 miles from MFT world headquarters. They both went in approximately 5 years ago, within about a year of each other. To be honest, I don't remember which was first. I know the contractor who built one of the sets of gates, because we sold him the hardware he used. The other contractor had the good sense to leave his name off the gates.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Here is a list of all the components of a Modern Fence Technologies stainless steel hinge that are not stainless steel:

Engineered material bearing.

 That's it, all other parts are 100% stainless steel.

Here is a list of all the components of a Modern Fence Technologies mild steel hinge that are not stainless steel:

Gate bracket, post bracket, engineered material bearing.

 All other parts are 100% stainless steel.

Buy American. Get what you pay for. Never pay for it again with our lifetime replacement guarantee.