Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We're Not Screwing Around...

We offer Phillips pan head stainless steel screws painted black or white with most of our hardware. These screws offer excellent corrosion resistance and look great for years while securing our hardware to your fence and gate.

The down side of stainless steel screws is that you pretty much have to pre-drill the holes you put them into. This is because stainless steel makes a horrible drill bit. There are two types of stainless commonly used for screws. One is too soft to cut steel, so the drill tip on a stainless steel tek screw will flatten out before cutting a hole, and the other is too brittle, causing the cutting edge on a tek screw made from this material to crack off before finishing a hole.

To answer the demand for a corrosion resistant tek screw that will drill through steel posts or aluminum post stiffeners as needed, we have begun offering our American made galvanized tek screw painted black, using the same black coating as on our stainless screws. These are capable of easily drilling through 1/4” of steel while cutting threads and drawing tight. The galvanized and painted finish is extremely resistant to corrosion.

Are they as good as stainless steel at preventing corrosion? It's hard to tell. We've had contractors using them on vinyl gate hardware installations for several years and have not had any complaints about rust. They do offer the best combination of strength, ease of installation, and endurance that we have seen, and unlike virtually every other fastener available in the fence industry, they are made right here in the U.S. of A.!

Monday, January 23, 2017


The decision to switch to American made fence products can be a difficult one. Common obstacles include the cost of changing all those part numbers and brochures, and the potential for more expensive hardware. (Here's a hint: The second one ain't necessarily so...)

Let's look at some of the reasons why companies all over the U.S. Are deciding that those costs are worth it.

  1. The average price a contractor can charge for a fence is measurably higher, when that contractor sells the fence based on it's American made heritage. Ask your customer if they are willing to pay more for American made quality. You might be surprised by the answer.
  2. The cost of using our products is lower. Some of the reasons; fewer parts rejected for defect, fewer service calls to replace broken or defective hardware, and fewer lost or damaged parts in inventory, due to our individual packaging, and less time waiting for out of stock products to arrive from overseas. We ship 97% of stock orders same or next day.
  3. Companies using our products compete with the imports at a distinct advantage. Companies that all use the same imported products find themselves with only one way to compete, that's price. They have to come in cheaper than the next guy to get the work. Kiss profit goodbye! But companies using Modern Fence Technologies hardware are able to sell quality products at reasonable prices, while setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

Modern Fence Technologies has been leading the way in gate hardware for decades. Come see why contractors, fence supply wholesalers, and even homeowners are demanding American made MFT products.

Call 888-456-6786 today. If you are on the West Coast, call our Carson City Nevada branch at  888-613-8146

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Unintended Consequences of Buying Cheap Hardware

Fence contractors use products from all over the world to bring beauty and security to homes and businesses. Among those products can be found inferior quality parts, often from untraceable foreign manufacturers, who don't follow truth in advertising laws, or even safety laws.

When those products end up used on a fence with your company logo on it and fail, your company takes the hit. When you use genuine, stainless steel American made gate hardware from Modern Fence Technologies, you are getting top quality stainless steel throughout. Where others use mild steel, aluminum, or even plastic as support members in their hinges, our support is made of 100% stainless steel.

Rusty Hinges is the stage name of a drag queen in Ireland, (it really is!*). It shouldn't describe the products you put your name on.
In addition to our adjustable stainless hinges, Modern Fence now makes traditional T-hinges, “butterfly” style hinges, and strap hinges in 100% stainless steel.

**(OK, go ahead and look for yourself, https://www.facebook.com/missrustyhinges...)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Why We Do What We Do Vol 1, Issue 3

Bolt On Hinges Vs. Weld On Hinges

Reason C. Whether damaged by the lack of a gate stop, allowing the gate to swing backwards through the opening, or by a vehicle, vandal, or just plain wear and tear, hinges need to be replaced from time to time. Cutting and welding on new hinges in the field means dealing with reasons A and B again. Using Modern Fence Technologies bolt on hinges means not only getting the replacement hinge for free under our warranty, it also means quick, hassle free replacement.

Modern Fence Technologies includes with every hinge the right fasteners for your gate system. These screws or bolts are matched for strength and material performance to the demands of the hinge you are using. We offer stainless steel screws as well as galvanized tek screws and carriage bolts, depending on the type of hinge and your preference, all coated to match the hinges and protect them from corrosion.

If your crew member can operate a cordless drill or impact driver, installing MFT hinges properly is a straightforward operation. Once installed, the hinges are complete, with no need for touch up grinding or painting, and the factory powder coat finish is intact to protect the strength and appearance of the hinge and gate for years to come.

When the time comes to repair a gate with MFT hinges, the removable hinge pin design also makes mounting and dismounting the gate simple, and if the hinge needs to be replaced, the installer can quickly install the replacement hinges with the new screws provided.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Why We Do What We Do Vol 1, Issue 2

Bolt On Hinges Vs. Weld On Hinges

  Convenience is important. So is appearance. Once a hinge is welded on it may need a touch up with a grinder to make it look good, then it should ideally be primed, then painted to prevent rust. The fact is that no matter how many times a business owner tells his crew to follow all the steps, we all know that the easiest one to skip is also probably the most important. Crews consistently cut corners by skipping the primer. A quick coat of finish paint and you can almost hear what's going through their mind,

“Looks good from my house!” We also know that the paint will fail quickly, leaving your company name on a rusty gate.

Even if the primer and paint are done right, the resulting finish is rarely better than an obvious patch job on the factory powder coat or e-coated paint. MFT's color matched bolts and screws eliminate the need for touch up paint, giving you a better looking, long lasting protective finish.

Watch for our next installment of Why We Do What We Do for a long term, business building reason to use Modern Fence Technologies bolt on hinges.