Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Product Idea? We Can Help!

We get it.  When you're in the middle of creating a new product the small details, while very important to the success of your idea, can bury you.  At Modern Fence Technologies and K&R Manufacturing, we strive to take that load off of you while offering  interactive concept development.  This, along with our quick prototyping and job costing skills ensure that the “devil in the details” doesn't get in the way.

While we're known for metal fabrication in steel and stainless steel, we also specialize in plastics and injection molding, and with our network of domestic suppliers, we offer full support from concept to production run. We believe in America and in the American entrepreneurial spirit.  That's how Modern Fence Technologies and K&R Manufacturing were built and will continue to grow.

  In addition to our full line of fence and gate hardware and tools, (many with patents or copyrights), we offer OEM support to several major fence manufacturers, as well as offering design and production of components and products to businesses across the U.S.  It's time to make your idea a reality.  Call us. We want to be part of your American success story.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We're Golfing Again!

We're golfing again!  We're looking for all the guys in northern Illinois and Wisconsin to come out and enjoy a day of fun, food, and golf. 

If you haven't heard before now from your supplier or directly from one of the many ways we're promoting this event, this is your notice to call Alison at 888-456-6786 and reserve your spot.  

All fence professionals are invited to the event on Thursday, September 21st.

Lunch at Modern Fence Technologies, and golf at Alpine Valley Resort, north of Lake Geneva, followed by dinner at the resort.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

By the Numbers...

By the Numbers...

So, gates are what, like 10-15% of your total revenue stream? And gate problems account for maybe 60%-70% of your call backs?

What is the number one failure in a gate system? There are a few things that can go wrong, and any one or a combination of these things can destroy the profit margin on any job. The gate sags. Is the gate itself is the problem, or is it the hinges, or even the post that is failing?

A well made gate will not sag.  To make sure it doesn't sag, or to make sure it doesn't twist and flop around, you just need to remember one rule of thumb. Never lay your bracing down below 45ยบ when measured off the bottom rail. Other articles discuss why this works and how but for our purposes here, it just does.

The best made hinge will not support a gate too heavy for its rating. You need to know how much load a gate puts on the hinge system, not just how much the gate weighs. Load takes into account the stresses caused by the ratio of the width of the panel against the distance between the hinges. A hinge properly sized for the job will support the gate for the lifetime of the fence, and will allow for adjustment to account for the natural movement of the ground.

A post must both be rigid enough to support the load of the gate, and anchored properly in the earth. As seasons pass, changing water content and potentially ice will cause the earth around a post to shift. Sometimes we see the post rise or sink due to “frost heave”. This can be mitigated with proper post setting techniques, again, a subject for another post.

An adjustable hinge will allow for “fine tuning” when the unavoidable small movements occur.  A bolt-on hinge will allow for simple replacement in the field if replacement is needed, without cutting, welding, and paint issues.

Now you know more about why we do what we do at Modern Fence Technologies.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The best post cap available anywhere...guaranteed


An individual post cap is perhaps the lowest priced component on your fence, yet it can have the greatest impact on the good looks and longevity of your investment. Doesn't it make sense to use high quality, American made caps to prolong the life of your investment?

 Modern Fence Technologies vinyl post caps, for the life of your fence.

Friday, April 28, 2017

We've Been Ready for the Unicorn Backlash All Along...

We've been ready for the unicorn backlash all along...

An ice cream parlor in Los Angeles is offering an antidote to rainbows and unicorns to answer Starbuck's. They thought it would be original to offer their product in pure, rich black.

News flash! 

 Modern Fence Technologies has been offering up the very best American made gate hardware in black for literally decades! And for the less adventurous vanilla crowd, we also offer our stainless steel hardware in white.

Call your MFT rep today for the best in American made gate hardware!